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    Updating access database using datatable

    It involves the use of a connection manager that is responsible for maintaining a list, or pool, of available connections for a given connection string.

    Several pools exist if different connection strings ask for connection pooling.

    NET components categorized in three modes: disconnected, common or shared and the . Shared or common components are the base classes for data providers and shared by all data providers.

    NET applications for data source communication using a driver or provider: Answer 2: ADO. For example, you can use a Data Table object with or without providers and shared or common components are the base classes for data providers.

    The following is the code and its explanation: Answer: Parameters in conjunction with Select Command to help you Select data for the Data Set. The object of the Data Reader cannot be directly instantiated.

    A Data View provides a dynamic view of data whose content, ordering, and membership reflect changes to the underlying Data Table as they occur.

    This is different from the Select method of the Data Table, which returns a Data Row array from a table per particular filter and/or sort order and whose content reflects changes to the underlying table, but whose membership and ordering remain static. Original, null)); See for more detail: Answer 20: The Execute Non Query method is used to execute the command and return the number of rows affected. It represents a relationship between database tables and correlates tables on the basis of matching column.

    The dynamic capabilities of the Data View make it ideal for data-binding applications. The Execute Non Query method cannot be used to return the result set. Example: Sql Connection obj=new Sql Connection(“Integrated Security=true; Initial Catalog=Table_Name; Data Source=.”);-- for Windows authentication Sql Connection obj=new Sql Connection(“user id= sa ; Password=sa123;server=.;database=name”); --Sql server Authentication Answer: ADO.

    The Data View constructor can be empty, or will also take either a Data Table as a single argument, or a Data Table along with filter criteria, sort criteria, and a row state filter. A Connection String is a string variable (not case sensitive).

    Answer: Execute Scalar Method The Execute Scalar method of the Sql Command object is useful for retrieving a single value from the database. This contains key and value pairs, like provider, server, database, userid and word as in the following: Answer: The Sql Transaction class is an important class of . It ensures that a body of code will affect a Database or kept the same as previous (Rollback).

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